Some of the feedback we've heard about SoundVision eye-protection

I found they were comfortable to wear, even longterm and on hot days. They were easy to remove without interfering with my earmuffs and because they come with a couple of extra velcro patches I could easily swap them from one set of earmuffs to another if I needed to change or share them.
       Matt Vanderlist, Matt's Basement Workshop, July 2014

The Full Pro SoundVision protective kit is a simple but ingenious design, and I'll use the glasses in all my range shooting from now on.

When you put on ordinary shooting glasses and then top them with a set of earmuffs, there is a slight break in the seal between the muffs and the arms (temples) of the glasses on either side. These breaks let in some decibels of a gunshot. Also, the muffs squeeze the arms of the glasses against your temples; this can get uncomfortable after a while, and these pressure points can be painful after a long shooting session.

The Full Pro glasses don't have typical hard arms, but rather flexible straps attached to either side of the lenses. You stick a circular adhesive patch to each side of your earmuffs. Put the muffs on, put the glasses on and secure them in place with the Velcro-type straps and adhesive patches.

With the glasses attached to the outside of the muffs, you get a snug fit with an unbroken ear seal, which provides the ultimate ear-eye protection while shooting. And you'll be amazed at how comfortable these glasses fit and feel.

The kit includes the high-impact glasses (my test lenses were smoke, but also available in clear and amber) and 2 pair of adhesive patches that stick to your earmuffs. Muffs are not included (system is designed to work with most styles of muffs).
       Mike Hanback's Big Deer, July 2014

Instead of resting on your ears, the "arms" are actually velcro strips that attach to your favorite set of ear muffs. Talk about comfortable!
       Mark Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer, Safety Gear Upgrades, May 2014

I told Ben about the issue my son was having with this eye protection and asked if he had any recommendations... and, without hesitation, Ben said "SoundVision!"

See, my friend Ben is a jack of all trades, and master of many including wood working and machining. He's that classic annoying big brother who knows everything and is capable of doing just about anything. When he told me about SoundVision, he opened my eyes to something I would have never otherwise found.

SoundVision is a rather simple solution to a problem I never knew existed until my son had an issue with it. In short, it's eye protection that is connected to the ear muffs with a Velcro system on the outside of the plastic cups. The benefits come from the fact that it doesn't break the seal for the ear protection preventing additional sound from reaching the ear and it doesn't get pinched between the ear muffs and the shooter's head causing discomfort. It fits both adults and children, meets all the standards for impact resistance, and allows my son to finally be comfortable on the range.

This eye protection is so effective and comfortable that both Ben and I have adopted them for ourselves too, and I have purchased another couple sets for my wife and daughter for when she's ready to shoot.

In sum, I can't imagine a better option for a child's eye protection than SoundVision. It allows for excellent eye protection while maintaining the sound-barrier seal, fits all shooters from the smallest to the largest, is a "no brainer" to add to your ear-pro, and it prevents discomfort for the young ones which allows more time on the range and more opportunity to teach this next generation of shooters.
       Doug Marcoux, Guns and Tactics, Tiny Ears & Eyes: Kids at the Range, October 2013

"FullPro Protective Gear has combined the two most critical pieces of person protection in the shop into one product - SoundVision Eye Protection.... I know; I hear you. "That's crazy." I thought so too, until we had them in the shop....

They couldn't be easier to use. The patches stick to the outside of the earmuffs and the hook-and-loop glasses straps hold firm to them. There are no arms to pinch or break the seal of the earmuffs around the ear and, as a result, no loss of hearing protection. They're easy to adjust and comfortable to wear....

And they work.... The adjustability is infinite. They will fit you correctly.... I'm a believer. Whenever I'm milling lumber or working with machinery in the shop, I protect both my eyes and ears with SoundVision Eye Protection."
       Glen D. Huey, Senior Editor, Popular Woodworking, August 2007 Tool Test (p. 28)

"[My] satisfaction level is extremely high. For me, it is a great relief to not wear conventional glasses with earmuffs anymore. When you are out in the field with snakes, biting insects, pollen, dust, and more, the last thing you need to be thinking about is the pain above your ears and the uncomfortable fit of conventional safety glasses (or regular sunglasses) under earmuffs."
       Gary W., ranch hand

"I am 100% satisfied with the protection and the comfort provided by the FullPro."
       Walter J., competition shooter

"A significantly superior product."
       Rob D, elite law enforcement professional

"More stylish and comfortable than traditional protection."
       Jeremy L, shooting enthusiast

"They're comfortable and good at deflecting flying pieces of metal and wood away from your eyes; we checked."
       MAKE Magazine

"...I was quite impressed with another new product, SoundVision shooting glasses from FullPro Protective Gear....While conventional muffs go over the glasses, and the stems or temples of the eyeglasses break the seal of the muffs at a critical point, this problem is eliminated by SoundVision. The reason is that the straps allow the "eyes" to attach to the outside of the "ears." This allowed the Peltors included for testing to deaden harsh sound better than any other passive earmuffs I've ever used while shooting, and I've pretty much used them all."
       Mas Ayoob, Buyer's Guide: WHAT'S HOT FOR 2007, Complete Book of Handguns

"New safety glasses from FullPro attach to the outside of earmuffs, allowing you to protect your vision and hearing without compromising the acoustic seal of the muffs, as you would with standard safety glasses. ... It takes a bit of adjusting, but the result is a secure fit for glasses and muffs."
       Steve Scott, Editor's Review, Fine Woodworking, May 2007

"I also had the chance to use FullPro's new "SoundVision" eye protection, which was designed specifically for use with earmuffs and headsets. This new product uses "hook and loop" straps to connect the eye protection to the head around the earmuffs. This eliminates the gap created by the ear shaft of the shooting glasses going under the earmuff. These were great and need to be worn to be fully appreciated."
       David Spaulding, Feb. 2007 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement

"Much more comfortable than traditional protection."
       Peter T, shooting enthusiast

"An indispensable asset for range training. Provides a fully integrated protective solution that you custom-fit to your face once and it stays that way."
       Randy H, former Navy SEAL Squadron Commander

"I loved it. It was a joy to use"
       Marilyn S, product reviewer & writer

"I just wanted to thank you for providing a simple, elegant solution to people who need both simultaneous eye and ear protection. It is true that thick frames of most safety glasses compromise the tight seal of the ear muff and significantly degrades the overall protection. Your SoundVision eye protection kit works around that and gives people the ability to have the best of both worlds."
       Andrew P, hobbyist

"[SoundVision's] components are of high quality and well designed... Because the eye protection is more comfortable to wear than under-the-muff goggles, I'll be more likely to wear them. So it's a safer solution, too."
       Bill W, shooting enthusiast

"I love the product. It is easier to get ready to work and stays comfortable."
       James G, wood carver

"The eye-wear provides very good protection. It is close to the face so no particles can get in."
       HSA Member