Information for Media - Press Release Fall 2006

Erik Mikysa
erik (at)
3000 United Founders Blvd Suite 103 G, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

New Shooting Glasses Improve Comfort and Eliminate Earmuff Noise Leakage

Oklahoma City, OK - SoundVision shooting glasses by FullPro ( offer a clear advantage over ordinary shooting glasses. Ordinary shooing glasses break earmuffs seals, causing pressure points against the skull and reducing protection. SoundVision eliminates the pinching and improves protection by 3-7 decibels* by attaching to the outer surface of earmuffs with flexible straps. The result is full and comfortable protection of both eyes and ears.

SoundVision is currently used in shooting ranges, workshops, garages, factories, cockpits and tarmacs, as well as around loud yard equipment. It meets or exceeds ANSI's Z87.1+ high-impact safety rating and is compatible with most popular brands of earmuffs and headsets.

SoundVision is available in clear, amber and smoke tints for $19.95 at and in a growing number of retail stores. Dealer and agent inquiries are welcome.

*Tips for Fitting Hearing Protectors by Elliott Berger, Senior Scientist of Auditory Research, E.A.R., page 4

About FullPro
FullPro Protective Gear ( is a product-design and marketing company that specializes in safe, comfortable and effective personal protective equipment. FullPro was founded by Erik Mikysa, who invented and patented SoundVision after experiencing ear/eye protection incompatibility in the cockpit, on the shooting range, in the workshop and in the yard. Erik earned his MBA from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business in 2005, and is FullPro's President.